What to expect from the Radiator Labs System

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Each Cozy measures room and radiator temperature (and steam traps in 2 pipe systems) and integrates with your building’s boiler controls. You still have control over the temperature setpoint, your tenants can only adjust the temperature based on the stored heat within the enclosure. Setpoint default is 74.5°F.

The Radiator Labs system does not fix existing boiler and radiator problems. Proper system maintenance is required.

Very Important! Since overheating is significantly reduced in each room, problems like air leakage from windows and air conditioning units are now more obvious. 

You may receive calls from tenants that they’re cold when the heat is on and The Cozy is working. Please make sure there are no drafts in the room and that radiator valves are fully open.

Cozys will not connect to the cloud or be controlled until about 75% of them have been installed.

Fans will ramp up, they don’t turn on abruptly. If fans turn on and off please notify us.

If enough residents unplug their Cozy, communications will be interrupted and control could be lost. Please ensure that all Cozys remain plugged in during the heating season.

Proper operations once installed:

1. Keep The Cozy plugged in during the winter

2. The temperature sensor should not be blocked by anything

3. Keep the fan area clear

4. Radiator valve should remain open

5. Close your windows!

If you have a problem, try the following:

The Cozy is designed with a test function. This is a green LED behind on the wall sensor that lights up.

To test this:

1. Unplug your Cozy unit

2. Plug your Cozy unit back in

3. Observe the room temperature

4. A green light should shine from the wall temperature sensor. This will display for 5 seconds. You should also hear the fan turn on. If there is no light or a constant red light, please notify us.



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