How to register your Cozy

John Ortuno -

In order to control your Cozy, you will need to register your unit with Radiator Labs following these simple steps:

1. Download The Cozy app - Make sure you have the newest version of The Cozy app installed on your mobile device.  Click here for more information and direct links to iOS, Google Play app stores and our web app.

2. Open The Cozy app and create an account - Use lower-case letters


3. Adding your Cozy to the app - Click on the Radiators icon in the bottom center of the app then click the  "+ Add" button on the upper right hand side.

4. Locate the serial number - The serial number is printed on a sticker located under the fan plate on either side of The Cozy. 


5. Register your Cozy - Enter the serial number and give your Cozy a name then click on the register button. You will need to repeat this process for every Cozy installed in your apartment. 


  6. Adjust the temperature - All of your registered Cozy's are controlled by sliding the white circle, left to decrease and right to increase the temperature.








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